Cheap and Cheery - June 2014

Grape and Gourmet's monthly open house for beer and wine tasting. I love this event. It's homey, friendly and I always find something I like on the tables. In addition to the pouring they have a spread for cheese, crackers and dips. We dropped off some of Sloane's Smoked Gouda Dip from The Creative Wedge. I bumped into Barbara earlier that day at the Old Beach Farmer's Market, she asked if I would take one with me to share. I love that stuff, they're lucky it even made to a table. 

Memorial Day

I get the day off on Memorial Day, like most people. First thing I thought of when I woke up was my Grandfather. He was a veteran if the Second World War in Patton's army. He's no longer with us but he has been a big influence in my life. The time I spent with my grand parents was great. I miss them both.

Marleigh came down for the long weekend to relax and it was nice to spend time her. He saw the new X-Men movie, cooked-out and watched Mad Men! Today we're at the beach. The Ft. Story beach is low-key and relaxing. The weather is great and there is a nice breeze.

After we left, I stopped by the local grocery and picked-up some snow crab legs that were on sale. We picked them for dinner then Marleigh left for her place. Very nice day.

Makes me wish I would have put in my 20 and retired from the Army. Spend the Spring/Summer with days like today.


Lots Going On

The past few weeks have been crazy--Chayce leaving for basic training was the big thing. In the area there was a lot happening too.

American Craft Beer week just passed with all the events associated with it. The big Virginia Craft Beer Festival happened and I went skeet shooting for the first time (I did that before I went to the beer fest.)

Putting some stuff together I've been neglecting and I'll have it up soon!

Oh! Visiting O'Connor Brewing Co.'s new spot this Friday too!

Stay tuned.

April's Cheap and Cheery

Grape and Gourmet have a monthly tasting event the second Saturday of the every month. This month in addition to the regular beer/cider line-up, Young Veteran's Brewing Co. of Virginia Beach volunteered to serve great, local craft beer to those who attended. Tom and Neil were both there earlier in the day but Neil had to run back to the shop.

Tom, Me, and Gabe

Tom, Me, and Gabe

I'll post more later, check out the photos from the event in the mean time.