Cheap and Cheery - June 2014

Grape and Gourmet's monthly open house for beer and wine tasting. I love this event. It's homey, friendly and I always find something I like on the tables. In addition to the pouring they have a spread for cheese, crackers and dips. We dropped off some of Sloane's Smoked Gouda Dip from The Creative Wedge. I bumped into Barbara earlier that day at the Old Beach Farmer's Market, she asked if I would take one with me to share. I love that stuff, they're lucky it even made to a table. 

Memorial Day

I get the day off on Memorial Day, like most people. First thing I thought of when I woke up was my Grandfather. He was a veteran if the Second World War in Patton's army. He's no longer with us but he has been a big influence in my life. The time I spent with my grand parents was great. I miss them both.

Marleigh came down for the long weekend to relax and it was nice to spend time her. He saw the new X-Men movie, cooked-out and watched Mad Men! Today we're at the beach. The Ft. Story beach is low-key and relaxing. The weather is great and there is a nice breeze.

After we left, I stopped by the local grocery and picked-up some snow crab legs that were on sale. We picked them for dinner then Marleigh left for her place. Very nice day.

Makes me wish I would have put in my 20 and retired from the Army. Spend the Spring/Summer with days like today.