Dishcrawl Portsmouth

Dishcrawl Hampton Roads conducted it’s first Portsmouth Dishcrawl. I was fortunate enough to be invite and I’m glad I was. We visited Brutti’s, Still Worldly Eclectic Tapas, Gosport Taven, and Krush - A Sourtern Bistro. I’ve never been to any of the four shamefully, so this was a great opportunity to get sample of what they have to offer.

Dishcrawl works this way: Buy a ticket, meet at the rallying point—in this case Portsmouth, then you walk to four restaurants chosen by your Dishcrawl ambassador. Each restaurant will have small plates for the diners in the group allow them to sample what the house has to offer. HR’s rep is Chynee Cousins, super sweet and she seemed to really enjoy guiding us around Olde Towne Portsmouth. An unexpected bonus was the light drizzle we walked through. People tended to huddle together under umbrellas and the streets took a somewhat ethereal quality about them.

The next Dishcrawl will be in Portsmouth again on 4 June. Don’t miss it, tickets are limited.