Vivian Howard from A Chef's Life

We attended the WHRO Strolling Supper last night and got to meet Vivian Howard from A Chef's Life. She was very nice approachable. Mage performed a cooking demonstration putting together her version of a samosa. They were delicious! After the demonstration everyone went downstairs for the main event.

I'll write more about that later and I'll have a lot of photos.


The Creative Wedge on Let's Eat!

A while back I wanted to write a story on the--then new--cheese shop opening in Virginia Beach, Hilltop, The Creative Wedge: An Artisans Market. Sloane and Barbara have done a great job with the place and it has been busy. I love to pick-up the Smoked Gouda cheese dip and the Balsamic Vinegar and Onion dip. I have a hard time not eating it all when they have it out to sample (samples ≠ hor devours.)

Reason I bring this all up is that our local public television station, WHRO in Norfolk, has a food blog called Let's Eat. I'm a regular contributor to the site and they posted my bit on The Wedge. I just wanted to share it. Please check out the shop if you're in town.