The Creative Wedge on Let's Eat!

A while back I wanted to write a story on the--then new--cheese shop opening in Virginia Beach, Hilltop, The Creative Wedge: An Artisans Market. Sloane and Barbara have done a great job with the place and it has been busy. I love to pick-up the Smoked Gouda cheese dip and the Balsamic Vinegar and Onion dip. I have a hard time not eating it all when they have it out to sample (samples ≠ hor devours.)

Reason I bring this all up is that our local public television station, WHRO in Norfolk, has a food blog called Let's Eat. I'm a regular contributor to the site and they posted my bit on The Wedge. I just wanted to share it. Please check out the shop if you're in town.

Hydroponic Lettuce

I swung by the Old Beach Farmer's Market located near the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach. A beach staple, Croc's 19th Street Bistro, provides the space for the farmer's market in addition to participating in it (you saw the James River Oysters I posted right?)

John and Jacob of Heads Up Hydrogreens

John and Jacob of Heads Up Hydrogreens

It's been a little bit since I've made it out to the market and I passed by a new table for Heads Up Hydrogreens. They grow lettuce that is packaged alive and they contain no petrochemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides according to their literature. I chatted with John and Jacob from Heads Up for a little bit and they gave me a couple heads to try out at home. They handed me a bag with a Batavian Crisp Head and Butter Crunch.

The next day Shelby made spaghetti and meatballs (chicken meatballs!) and I made a Greek style salad with the Batavian Crisp. The Batavian Crisp had a slightly curly leaf, it was in-between the crisp (imagine Iceberg) and Romaine. It was crisp, clean, great flavor and the stems weren't bitter like they are on some lettuce. You could see the bulb and get an idea of how it was cultivated.

Batavian Crisp

Batavian Crisp

Shelby's mother was over for dinner and she really enjoyed the salad. I'm looking forward to trying the Butter Crunch next.

Red Crab

We tried Red Crab for the first time this past weekend and really enjoyed them. Virginia is pushing the Red Crab as an alternative to Blue Crab since the later has dropped in population. We prepared them the same way we would Blue Crabs but we also ate them with butter—I never do that with the Blue.

Overall worth trying and pretty tasty. We bought ours at Uncle Chuck’s Seafood and Produce in Virginia Beach, VA, at the VB Farmers Market.