Guest Spot on HearSay with Cathy Lewis

I was contacted to talk a little bit about the local beer scene on the area's public radio station WHRO. HearSay with Cathy Lewis does a weekly segment called the "Delicious Dish" where Patrick Evans-Hylton, a well-known regional chef and author, talks with Cathy about food happenings in the area. Next month is Virginia Craft Beer month so today's topic was craft beer (of course.)

Kevin O'Connor of O'Connor Brewing Co. was also on site to sample some of his beers and talk about the explosion of craft brews in the area. Follow this link to listen!

Aired July 29, 2015.


Alton Brown Interview - The Edible Inevitable and Beyond


Alton Brown was scheduled to call me at 2:15 PM. Beforehand, I made sure I put my notes together with a list of questions to ask during the interview. I’ve never done an interview as formal as this or with someone as widely known as Brown. I start to get a little nervous.

The phone rings at 2:15 PM on the dot.

On the other end of the line I hear, “Is this George?”

I say hello and ask if he minds that I put him on speaker. As I’m adjusting the sound on the recording kit I mention I’m a little bit nervous.

He says, “That’s OK! Don’t be nervous. I don’t want you to be nervous; whenever I talk to journalists I get nervous because I always say crap I’m not supposed to say.”

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I-heart-food! Actually, I love food. I-heart-food was the closest domain name I could register this late in the game that was related to my goals here. Makes you wish you could go back and squat a bunch of good names, right?

This is about food—cooking it, eating it, reading about it…probably some random blurbs here and there too; stuff not related to food will definitely be on here.